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This topic is so dear to my heart because children are the FUTURE. They don’t need to be damaged at any stage in life. How children are raised affect the way they feel about themselves. It is very important that a child’s healthy self esteem is based on the Authority figures around him/her while growing up.

If as a parent, you impose your thoughts and ideas on your child and don’t give them room to make choices, they will develop low self esteem.Comparisons, bullying, talking down on children, doing everything for them, criticizing their looks, never complimenting but always condemning is absolutely wrong if you consider the consequences.

Generally, poor treatment from parents, teachers and care givers affect children’s self esteem.

A child with L S E is withdrawn and unable to socialize as expected.

They fear failure and so avoid tasks or challenges even before attempting..

He/She will rather cheat than loose out in a game.

A child with L S E is not confident about his/looks

A child with L S E is either too helpful at home or doesn’t help at all.

A child with L S E will blame his teacher, parents and even himself for not performing well in school.

He/she bullies other kids and insists on being better than others.Children with L S E find it hard to accept criticism and they can easily be influenced by their peers and adults too.

Some common words children with L S E use are: “I don’t know math like Martha”  “I am ugly”  “No one loves or appreciates me”  “I knew I would fail”  “It’s my fault!


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